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Welcome Dancers!

UBDC provides our community with the highest quality dance instruction. and nurturing of young artists. We strive for the best: technique, expression, perseverance, strength, honesty in performance, creativity, and passion.  As fellow artists and blossoming artists, dance is so much more to us than a physical activity; it is our communication. ‚Äč

The teachers at Upbeat are ONLY professionally trained, certified instructors whose energy and talent are quite contagious. Our lessons are designed to build the students' confidence and self-discipline in a comfortable, warm, encouraging setting. Our studio is a place for the new dancer and the seasoned/trained dancer alike.  Our teachers insist upon creating combinations and routines that become art, not just some steps thrown together. We present all of our hard work in an annual recital in May or June. 

UpBeat features two award-winning competition companies supported by award-winning teachers and choreographers. There is a "Junior" company for younger dancers and a "Teen" company for older dancers. These groups of dancers are devoted and talented dancers and have made dance their priority. They take at least four technique classes a week in addition to weekend rehearsals. Auditions are every Spring. Please see Lauren for more details. 

Dress Code:

Hip Hop - Any comfortable clothing, dance sneakers or hip hop sneakers. (No Jeans)

Jazz - Black leotard and black leggings. Black T-shirts are permitted as long as they are form fitted.         Black Jazz sneakers or Jazz shoes. (NO SHORTS)

Lyrical Contemporary - Both require a black leotard, black leggings. Bare feet or with half soles (turners), hair up. (NO SHORTS)

Ballet- Black leotard and pink tights. Skirts are permitted. Pink ballet slippers required, hair in bun.

Tap - Anything and Tap shoes